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In my current research, I am trying to assess how use of online tools such as a virtual field trip affects students perceptions of geologic hazards such as super volcanoes. New Zealand provides a unique opportunity in this context, not only due to its strategic location but also considering the fact that the Maori culture has its own perspective and worldview of looking at natural phenomena. 

In the past, during my doctoral research I used high pressure and high temperature experiments to understand questions pertaining to the stability of old continental cores called cratons. 

In addition to my research, I am actively involved in science outreach and communication. I love interacting with the public, especially children. Whenever I see a young face light up with wonder when I tell them something 'science-y', I feel content and it reminds me of my own passion for science. 

I also love creative writing and making handicrafts. I believe that when we make things, we leave a part of our soul inside it, and it always resonates within it. Geology, has taken me far and wide- to mountains and seas, and every time it reminds me how we all are a little part of a big whole.

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